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Basic information
Property:    64303500100
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Owner/Taxpayer Information
Role Pct Name\Street City State Country Zip
21709 96TH AVE WEDMONDSWA 98020
21709 96TH AVE WEDMONDSWA 98020
Parcel Information
Situs Address:9819 GROVE RD SE,  YELM
Abbreviated Legal:MC KENNA IRR TR L 1 B 35 LESS STATE HW 1/2 VAC ST ADJ ON N
Sect/Town/Range:20 17 2E
Use Code:11 Single Unit
TCA Number:182
Property Type:RES
Total Living Units:1
Fire District:FIRE DISTRICT #02
Fire District:SE THURSTON FA
School District:YELM S.D. #2
Last On-Site Inspection:01/22/2020
Next Revaluation Inspection:*Between August of 2025 and April of 2026
Associations:99801377700BALASCIO , DENNY
 99900122200BALASCIO , DENNY

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Searching for Sales

For your convenience, and for greater transparency, the Assessorís office offers three separate sales listings:
  • displays all transfers of ownership for the selected parcel.
  • returns a list of all sales within the subject neighborhood that carry a sale price greater than $0. Many of these sales have not been verified and are not considered valid, arms length sales for assessment purposes. They include transfers between banks, sales between relatives and business partners, estate sales, etc. that do not typically represent market prices.
  • includes a list of valid, arms length sales that were used in determining values for assessment purposes.

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