Property Number Search


A Property Number must contain 11 digits (including property numbers that begin with a zero).


Property Address Search


The Address search will not work if a Property Number has been entered.  If you have a Property Number entered, click on the "Clear" button and try your search again.


This address search is based on the property’s location address.  If you know the exact address, enter the street address along with the city name.  If you do not know the exact street address, you will need to enter a portion of the address with a minimum of three (3) characters.  Click on the "Search" button.


If you know only the number of the building or house, enter the number followed by a space and percent sign.  For example:


123 %


This search locates addresses with the building number of 123, as in this list:

123 Martin Way

123 N 7th St


If you know only a portion of the building or house number, enter the number followed by an percent sign (no space before) to locate all properties that begin with those digits.  For example:




This search locates addresses with building numbers that start with 123, as in this list:


123 Martin Way

1230 4th Ave

12330 Henderson Blvd


Select the property you wish to view by clicking on the desired Property Number


If You Match Too Many Addresses


If you receive an error message that states there are too many addresses matching the information you entered, enter more information in the address field and/or a city name to reduce the number of matches:




Results in too many addresses, but entering the following:




results in a short list of matching addresses from which to select.